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Nuts and Bolts

Good evening dear family and friends. I would love to have some great message, and I do, but I am toooooo tired to type right now. So, until then, just the nuts and bolts of this week. I completed my 6th round of chemo on Monday. I continue to cry every time we drive to town and I just can’t help it – poor Roy. What an awful job. He handles it so well, and I am so thankful not to be him…  What a thing to have to watch.

Well, it seemed to take forever to get started with my treatment on Monday, but we did have a great visit with Dr. Lininger. We changed a lot of things this week. I have been getting a Neulasta shot on Tuesday’s which is equivalent to ten Neupogen shots, but causes extreme muscle pain on Wednesday’s and severe bone pain by Saturday. Instead this week I got three Neupogen shots on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Although it was a good idea, I am going back to the one Neulasta shot next time. I found that I still had severe pain, but it was chronic for days, versus just whacking me hard on Wednesday. It was worth a try 🙂 The best news, is that I did try a new anti-nausea called Reglan and that side effect has been quite a bit better this week. No matter what I take or what I do, I am still sick. I have come to terms with that, but I am thankful for relief when I can get it. I also only went in for fluids on Tuesday, as I really think Ondasteron was making me more nauseated. How funny is that? Anti-nausea medication making me nauseated… I think that is funny. I also got a shot of Aloxi on Thursday which is a longer-lasting anti-nausea, and it is supposed to stay in my system for 48 hours.

Here are some listed side effects of Reglan using pictures… Unfortunately, these are spasmatic and I have no control over them… Except for I do, and have not experienced these. Funny though?

photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

I think by the end of my treatment I may have this all figured out. My hair continues to fall out. Roy is really opposed to me shaving it, but at this point it is so not “my” hair that I am about ready to be done with it. It is one of those constantly depressing things – to brush and pull out my hair every day is pretty emotionally exhausting. Roy tells me it still looks good – he is such a terrific fibber.

Here are some great things:

  1. I got my garden planted last weekend, which is the earliest I have EVER planted my garden. Thank you cancer for that motivation.

  2. Aunt Linda drove over 1200 miles to come take care of me and my children and I am so blessed by her kindness.

  3. Roy and I had some great conversation this week and I had an amazing opportunity to speak words of life to my husband and pray over him.

  4. We brand next weekend and I am thrilled to get my dessert makin’ groove on! I also get to pretend to be a professional photographer and take pictures of all of the cool things that will happen that day.

  5. I had a wonderful day with my children. The boys continue to need prayer. They know things are off and their temperaments reflect that. We had just a “normal” day today and that was glorious. We played in the closet with glow-in-the-dark toys. Beat that for fun!

  6. Jesus is still Jesus and his grace is sufficient. Good thing, because my grace is a little thin right now.

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