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Get in Alignment

We can always tells when our body is not in alignment. Sometimes things get so far off that we head to the chiropractor to put things back in place. We feel better for a while, until we do that thing that sets our body off course again. The same is true of our vehicles. When our alignment is off, our vehicle can start veering in the wrong direction and until we go and get it fixed we will continue to head in that misleading direction.

Sunday was Mother’s Day (thank you Captain Obvious). I love Mother’s Day, especially now that I am a mom. I remember the years longing to have a child. Mother’s Day was hard during that time.

What is it about Mother’s Day that make me desire to not have to do anything mother-like? I don’t want to wake up or get out of bed. I just want to sleep in. I don’t want to make breakfast. I don’t want to tend to the children. I just want to sit back and relax. It is not a day for laundry. It is not a day for chores. Doing everything that is the opposite of my other 364 days in a year is what I want to do for Mother’s Day. I then found myself spiraling down the slide of guilt over my intense desire to do nothing. On top of that I told Roy that Mother’s Day is so significant it is like Christmas and my birthday combined. It is SERIOUSLY important! This is my full time occupation… so he better get it right. He has to have been thankful that I was feeling under the weather on the Eve of Mother’s Day, as I was in my Nyquil-induced coma by 9 p.m. and out for the count. This allowed him to do his always-reliable-last-minute-special-day-preparation. He did a spectacular job. He made me biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Upon my plate he has put a homemade flower bouquet (made of construction paper) and on each petal he wrote characteristics he cherished about me. He let me sleep in (to the point that I was running so late I had to put my make-up on our drive to church). He took me to Bomgaars and bought me a shovel (this man really knows the way to my heart = a good days work) and then to Bamboo Garden for all-you-can-eat buffet. I began craving and enjoying Chinese food during chemo and it just hasn’t gone away. We finished out the evening with steak, baked potatoes, wild rice, green beans and homemade cornbread. Roy did a great job today. Despite all of this wonderfulness, I found myself really pondering how quickly life gets out of alignment.

During all of my “regular” mom days, my children consume my time, therefore they consume my energy as well as my thoughts. When we tuck the little boys into bed I am generally completely exhausted and have very little energy for my husband. After half-hearted attempts at conversation I normally prop myself up in bed to do my daily Bible reading. Most days there is enough gasoline left in me to get that done. I was really reminded today, that although being a mom is one of the most important jobs I will ever have, it should take its proper place third in line. My first and primary priority should be my relationship with Jesus Christ. I must continue to develop that by being in the Word of God and faithfully spending time in prayer. If I am going to call Jesus Lord and Savior of my life, He must sit in that first position. Now here is where things get really off. Roy normally falls to the very bottom of the totem pole. Jake and Matt use me up and spit me out by the end of the day, and Roy is lucky to get some three day old left overs of me. Loving, honoring and respecting my husband needs to take its proper place second in line. Nurturing my children has to come third. Mother’s Day is super significant, but it is NOT more important than Christmas and my birthday combined (maybe don’t tell Roy this…) I believe my life has been a little out of alignment, so I thought I might challenge you to evaluate the same in your life. Is it time for you to get in alignment?

P.S. I may have failed to post anything in quite some time about my health. Short version: The Cancer Center in Denver said there was no reason to believe their was a recurrence of cancer. I am to get a follow-up PET scan in June to compare it to the March scan. I will meet with my oncologist and go over the results. Unless I have an exceptionally large mass growing out of my body, I fully intend not to visit another oncologist for quite some time. Hasta luego cancer!

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