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Day 1 of Roadschooling 2023

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We got on the road later than I would have liked, but because I am teaching American History online I wanted a good internet connection before it potentially became unreliable... Funny thing: Zoom crashed three times in the comfort of my own home. It gave me peace of mind that no matter how that goes over the next few weeks, my students may have low expectations of my internet service :)

Saying good-bye was really hard and I mostly didn't want to do it. One of my tenderhearted boys was potentially leaking some salty water from his eyes at the idea of saying good-bye to his daddy. He would never admit to it though... Ahem..

Our first stop was at 54.5 miles away from home when the truck overheated. We went from normal to fire in about 3 seconds. We just had the air conditioning unit serviced, but it was angry. It didn't help we were pulling over 6 tons of weight at interstate speed with the air conditioning on while it was over 100 degrees outside. The Lord provided an immediate exit for us to get off the interstate, we popped the hood, turned off the a/c and let the engine cool down for about 15 minutes. I was already laughing. My sons didn't think it was quite as funny. The rest of the drive was pretty hot running without air conditioning. The humans were overheating, but at least the engine was not.

Does the "no parking" sign count when you are trying to not blow up your engine?

After the early conditioning of sweating in my seat,

we stopped at Gothenburg, NE at a Pony Express stop.

This is a sculpted saddle, but caught the eyes of my fellas who love all things leather.

We are hoping this road atlas isn't too out of date. ;)

We landed in Lexington, NE for the night to spend the evening with my husband's

Aunt and Uncle. It is so wonderful to get to see family along the journey!

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