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"We will never regret the time we invest in our children. Never!"
~ Brandee Gillham

At the Supermarket


10 Ideas to Help You Start Organizing Your Life

1 ~ It has to work for YOUR family

You will ultimately need to find what works for your family & your space.

2 ~ It is going to take TIME

You need to set aside time for the purpose of organizing life. It is best to do before you are in the middle of whatever it is that you are trying to organize (i.e. get your homeschool supplies/curriculum put in place before you start actively using it, help your kiddos organize their desks/work space before they need it) 

3 ~ Give yourself a BLANK canvas

Completely empty whatever space you are working with. (i.e. take everything off the shelves, empty all of the drawers, remove clothes from the closet, etc)

4 ~ Only put back what you are going to USE

Put only things back that are usable, group like things, get rid of the rest

5 ~ Allow for GROWTH

If you are organizing your paper products, and know you buy in bulk at Sam’s Club, account for the space “needed” in the future.

6 ~ Have SUPPLIES on hand

Have organization tools on hand: tubs, 3-ring binders, etc.: For me, when I decide to spend a few minutes organizing, I don’t have an hour to run to town to buy 2 tubs to put it in. It is easier for me to keep a few empty organizing supplies on hand in my store room.

7 ~ DRAW a plan

Draw out a plan (what do you want the end result to look like). Sometimes you can't just put things back on the shelf. You actually have to map it out and make sure you like the design and room for the layout before you begin.

8 ~ Make a LIST

Make a list of required organizational “spaces” – tabs/labels (language arts, math, history, science)

9 ~ Work in SMALL bits

Work in small bits – one shelf at a time, one subject at a time, one space at a time. 

10 ~ Make LABELS

Make labels – you have to be able to maintain your system. How will your children/husband know where those things go if you haven’t told them?

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