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Hope Knit Together

Ministry Work

My primary mission field has been and always will be my home. I have been called to disciple my own warriors. They have been given to me and my husband to teach diligently.


The trauma of a cesarean may not seem big enough to springboard an entire ministry, but it was. Having my child cut from me, removed from my body and taken away for hours was the greatest grief I had ever endured to that point.


Women need support in a world where we are told we can be anything, have to be everything and do it all with excellency.


My desire is to help women have peace in the journey of motherhood.


My desire is for women to have joy-filled labors and deliveries. Labor is a painful experience and that is guaranteed by Genesis, but it is pain with a purpose.


My desire is to support women postpartumly – this will include mental health and lactation consultation. Again, in a world where women are encouraged to go back to “work” as though working within our home has less value that outside of it, I want to encourage women to disciple their children they’ve been given.

If you are looking for birth support you are in the right place.

I am a biblically-based Childbirth Educator, VBAC doula, and birth photographer.


Please fill out the connect form and we can begin praying together if I can bless you during your pregnancy, labor & delivery experience, and postpartum care.

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