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Curriculum Resources

"We will never regret the time we invest in our children. Never!"
~ Brandee Gillham

Class "Rules"

These are the guidelines I have posted in our classroom: 

  • We finish our work because that teaches us DILIGENCE.


  • We enjoy learning because the Lord has given us a sound mind and the ability to gain KNOWLEDGE.


  • We respect God-given authority in our home and in our classroom because it is an opportunity to show RESPECT, HONOR and OBEDIENCE.

  • We treat one another with KINDNESS and GENTLENESS because it shows SELF-CONTROL.


  • The WORD OF GOD has final authority in our home. We will choose to STUDY God’s Word so we are PREPARED to share the hope we have.

Here is a downloadable version of our class "rules."

Daily Schedule

This was one of the very first daily schedules I established with my two oldest boys:

Here is a downloadable version of our daily schedule.

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