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Cross I Quarter Horses

We believe in producing high-quality ranch horses that exhibit great conformation, cow-sense, color, speed and disposition.

Our vision is to develop a blended horse with a good mind, plenty of bone, cow sense and enough speed to get the job done. We start with a strong base line of Hancock and Blue Valentine blood for bone, stamina, and durability, and then try to add in some additional cow horse blood with a little speed. We can provide well-broke ranch horses, started two-year-olds, yearlings and weanlings.
Welcome to Cross I Quarter Horses, located in Peetz, Colorado. My name is Roy Gillham and Cross I Quarter Horses is an old dream of mine.  I have been captivated and inspired by horses since I was a boy and I always knew I wanted to raise them.  I started buying some mares in college, ultimately turning them into good using horses for a number of years before having the chance start raising colts. Every day with a horse is a chance to continue learning and improving.
Our goal is to produce the right kind of horse.  The kind with the genetic potential, athletic ability, disposition, mind and cow sense to get the job done, get through a storm, win the buckle, ride the trail...and to do all of that with eye appeal. We hope you enjoy what you see!

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I have always liked to start my own horses because it is always so hard to find one that will fit me and my needs. However, when I watched Roy on Wyoming justice, she looked like my kind of horse. When I got her home she did not disappoint. She was as light, smooth, and athletic as she showed. Wyoming Justice is an intelligent horse with a big heart and a lot of go. I used her on the ranch until a friend of mine decided to talk me out of her. She went right to work on a feedlot in Texas and he has been nothing but pleased with her. I wish I would have kept her and would not hesitate to buy another one from Roy Gillham.."
- J.C. Chintala

Alexa Young, CA

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